Emerald All-Stars Q2 2021 Recipients


We are excited to announce the Epic Travel Staffing Q2 (second quarter of 2021) All-Star recipients! In case you missed our previous announcement, Emerald All-Stars is a quarterly awards program that started to honor some of Emerald’s hardworking, dedicated and compassionate healthcare workers. Each recipient has been selected by our recruiting team to recognize a traveler who went above and beyond in their travel contract during the previous quarter. In addition to social media recognition, each All-Star winner also receives a special gift package in the mail!


Congrats to our Emerald All-Stars of Q2 2021!

Tammy Lee B. | Renee P. | Chrystal T. | Sarah D. | Chelsea S. | Stephanie N. | Sarah C.| Sarah N. |Helen T. | Rutchamar D. | Robin S. | Samantha M. | Brandi H. | Amber H. | Paul C. | Brandon O. | Brittney P. | Jonie D. | Emily H. | Crystal R. | Rene A. | Jeannine B. | Jamie F. | Chanel M. | Kimberly B. | Everett R. | Edith T. | Ashley B. | Nicholas T. | Jessica S. | Andrea H. | Francesco C. | Jeremy P. | SLP from TN | Corey J. | Randi N. | Bailey S. | Cindy F. | Larisa H. | Markia D. | Kimberly J.


Read what some of our Recruiters had to say to their All-Star!

Steve Olinger – “Thank you for being so amazing to work with. The way you communicate with me and stay on top of everything is awesome. I wish I had 100 travelers just like you!”

 Danielle Whang – “After all these years, you are still the hardest working person that I know.  Your energy, clinical knowledge, and the can-do attitude is greatly appreciated not just by us but by all the staff at the facilities you’ve worked at. It never ceases to amaze me that not only are you working 60-72 hours per week but you never complain.  In fact, you love what you do and that really comes through in your work and in your interactions with staff and patients.”

 Cynthia Hernandez – “Congratulations on being an Emerald All-Star! Your dedication and hard work have left everyone in utter amazement here at Emerald, and here I take this moment to convey my most sincere gratitude. I know that 2020 was a tough year for all of us, but you persevered. Words will fall short if I am to praise you for everything you have done for your patients, friends, family, and Emerald.”

 Vanessa Garcia – “Thank you for your hard work and dedication! You are an Emerald All-Star! You’ve gone above and beyond to help throughout the pandemic. I love your positive energy!”

Tina Lockhart – “Your resilience and compassion during COVID-19 was remarkable. Your compassion for your patients really amplified your strength as you continued to work through the heartache of lost lives due to Covid. I couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments, and I’m thankful to have you on my team not only as a traveler but also as a friend and Emerald family member.”

 Chad Davis – “You’ve weathered some tough assignments and scenarios over the past year, and faced each one with grit and perseverance. You are a fantastic nurse, and we appreciate all you do for people out there!”

 Eliza Dawson – “Congratulations on being an Emerald All-Star 🙂 You were so easy to choose, as it is rare to find someone with the drive, determination, and compassion that you possess. You always go above and beyond in everything you do, from your patient care, to keeping up with our expiration team, and so much more. I constantly tell people that you are the dream nurse to work with, and I am blessed to know you, to work with you, and to consider you a friend. Keep up with all that you do, because it NEVER goes unnoticed. Keep reaching for the stars, because if anyone will catch them, it is you”

 Elizabeth Varela – “You are one of my favorite nurses to work with. I love that you work hard for your patients and are very knowledgeable with travel assignments. You are a great advocate for yourself and your patients. You fight for what is right and I will always fight and advocate for you.”

 Mayra Rodriguez – “I chose you as my Emerald All-Star because you have been one of the best nurses I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Over the past 20 assignments now (I can’t even believe it’s been that many already!), there has never been a single issue and I know that your facilities have all enjoyed working with you as much as I have. All we’ve ever heard from them has been nothing but positive, and time and time again you get extended which definitely shows that you enjoy what you do and are quite the hard worker.”

Malinda Figueroa – “Thank you so much for your hard work & dedication! Since we’ve worked together you’ve consistently gone above & beyond on your assignments, and this is why I feel you’re my Emerald All-Star!”