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Meet Your Epic Travel Staffing Senior Recruiter, Chad Davis.

Chad Davis pulls out all the stops to give you confidence and clarity in every step of your stress-free journey.

Chad Davis is known for going that extra mile for travelers, like you.

Developing an environment of trust and mutual respect is the priority for all of the nurses that I work with. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, or out on your first assignment, I will always work hard to find you the best possible fit for your travel needs, and be readily available to help you navigate through your travel career.

[email protected]call/text: 704-909-4469

What others are saying

From Google Reviews

I was with Cirrus who then merged with Epic Travel Staffing. My experience thus far with Epic Travel Staffing has been nothing but positive. They show concern and care for the nurses, and check to ensure everything is going well with every assignment. But much of my positive experience is the recruiter I work with, Chad Davis. He is attentive and listens to my concerns and wants for what assignment I am looking for, and has always placed me where I’d like to be.

Janilyn S. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have worked with Chad Davis even before we merged to become Epic Travel Staffing! I have spent many years with the best recruiter I could ask for! He is professional, and has every quality a person could ask for in a boss. Even when I stepped away from traveling for a few years to raise my children, Chad was the first person I called when I was ready to return as a traveler. Epic Travel Staffing has been a great company to work with and everything flows quickly and smoothly with each new contract. Thank you all for always taking such good care of us!

Tammy C. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I’ve been with Epic Travel Staffing off and on for over 6 years. They’re always responsive and willing to work with your needs. If I’m completely honest, the primary reason I keep going back is my recruiter Camille. She has learned what’s important to me over the years and I feel like she always strives to make sure I’m happy and have what matters to me the most. Thank you Camille for everything!

Billie O. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have been a travel nurse for the past 12 years and I was with Cirrus Medical Staffing for most of those 12 years before they became a part of Epic Travel Staffing’s team. I was nervous about the change originally but thanks to my recruiter Chad Davis the transition was easy. Chad is always there to answer any questions or advocate for me. I plan to be with Epic Travel Staffing for years to come.

Lee B. – Travel Nurse

He has always been quick to respond and back when I still traveled he worked hard to make sure I got a good assignment and helped with any issues I had.

Ashley B. – Travel Nurse

Chad has been very professional, responsive and approachable. He has found me great contracts in cities I’ve been interested in. It has been a pleasure to work with him!

Allison C. – Travel Nurse

Chad was wonderful, he REALLY listened and always had my back. If I ever traveled again I would want him or I just couldn’t go…THANK YOU CHAD.

Cashel M. – Travel Nurse

Chad has been so helpful, friendly and positive. He’s always been honest with me about positions, states, hospitals. I can tell that he’s not just doing his job to get his paycheck, he’s doing it to help me find the best fit and considers what I want too. He’s tolerated my weekend text messages and indecisiveness like a champ! He’s awesome!

Juliet M. – Travel Nurse

Chad is fantastic! He always picks up his phone, and is always willing to help in any way possible. He’s easy to talk to, and makes me feel like he has my back.

Hayley F. – Travel Nurse

Tell Chad Davis about yourself and start packing.