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Meet Your Epic Travel Staffing Recruiting Specialist, Mayra Rodriguez.

Mayra Rodriguez makes it a priority to ensure travelers (like you!) feel heard and understood.

Mayra Rodriguez’s work on your behalf comes from a place of enjoyment and admiration.

Transparency and respect are of upmost importance to me, as they have been the building blocks to creating trusting and long lasting relationships with every nurse I have had the pleasure of working with. I truly enjoy helping people, but especially nurses because they work so hard to save lives day in and day out; it’s something I very much admire. My goal is to make sure each nurse feels heard and understood. Whatever your needs are, I will always do my best to find you the perfect assignment and make sure you are happy along the way!

[email protected] | call/text: (310) 484-2053

What others are saying

From Google Reviews

I love my recruiter Mayra R. She definitely keeps me working. She is very prompt and always works hard to get me the best pay package. I have been working with this company for at least 2 years.

Theresa R. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

My recruiter Mayra Rodriguez and her team are excellent. They are very professional, competent and honest in their dealings. You can trust that they are working for you and have your best interest at ❤. Very positive experience thus far!

Maleka C. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have been a travel nurse for over eight years and with Epic Travel Staffing for over three years. Mayra Frechman has been my recruiter at Epic Travel Staffing since I have been with them. She has been there with me through numerous contracts and has always been a pleasure to work with. I admire her diligence and professionalism. She is very responsive and attentive. I have referred several nursing colleagues to Mayra for travel assignments and they all share my sentiments about her. When considering a new nursing travel assignment with Epic Travel Staffing, be sure to ask for Mayra to assist you. You will not be disappointed.

Patrick R. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have worked with various different travel nursing companies in my three years as a travelling RN but I am yet to experience the responsiveness, the quality, the sincerity exhibited by Epic Travel Staffing. Communicating effectively is very important to me and this company has never failed me on that. The ancillary staff is always on top of their game and know everything about the upcoming assignments’ requirements. Most importantly though, the relationship between the recruiter and the nurse is the most important factor. My recruiter is Mayra Rodriguez. She is genuinely the most honest, up-front and transparent recruiter I have dealt with. Apart from her being extremely professional, she is a truly caring person who advocates for her nurses. It’s more of a friendship when Mayra is your recruiter.

Manu A. – Travel Nurse