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Emerald All-Stars Q2 2022 Recipients

It’s time to announce our Emerald All-Stars Q2 2022 recipients! If you’re new here, Emerald All-Stars is a quarterly awards program that recognizes some of the travelers on Emerald’s team who exemplify resilience, excellent patient care, and dedication among other character qualities. Each recipient was hand-picked by their recruiter to honor a traveler who went above and beyond in their travel contract during the previous quarter. In addition to bragging rights, each All-Star winner also receives a special gift package in the mail!

emerald all-stars

Read what some of our recruiters had to say to their All-Star!

Elizabeth VarelaThank you so much for all you do. Thank you for being a model travel nurse, wish I had more nurses like you. Hope to continue to work many more contracts together. Congratulations on being selected as my All-Star!

Amanda Rubio Thank you so much for going above and beyond and remaining patient. You are a phenomenal person and clinician and we appreciate you! 

Jason LabingerJust a little something to show you how much we appreciate all your hard work and dedication. We love having you as a part of the Emerald family, and we are always here for you. 

Jim Christopher You are doing an awesome job and having a major impact on your assignment. You are truly an Emerald All-Star! Enjoy this token of our appreciation. Keep on rockin.’ 

Maya Ghattas I have really enjoyed the opportunity to work with you all these years. Thank you so much for taking such great care of your patients. You are appreciated! 

Horacio Rojas You are the most resilient, patient, good natured, and committed Interim Leader I work with. You are truly an All-Star and you came to mind instantly when I was given the opportunity to choose one Interim Leader I work with for this All-Star award. 

Camille MorrisseyThank you for always being so awesome to work with and it has truly been an honor working with you these past few years! Congrats on being an Emerald All-Star and cheers to many more assignments together!! 🙂 

Denise ZimmerCongrats! Thank you for being an All-Star traveler. You go above and beyond the rest which simply makes you the best! Your hard work, dedication, compassion and loyalty is truly appreciated. Thank you for being such a great role model and example to all RNs! Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. I’m excited to see where the next travel adventure takes us.


Congrats to our Emerald All-Stars of Q2 2022!

Lovella P.

Zedrix S.

Sandra R.

Tamika J.

Jefferson Y.

Kerry E.

Robert D.

Marsha L.

Jamie S.

Rajaa M.

Bonnie G.

Kasharie S.

Johaida F.

Kory H.

Marisa E.

Tiffany L.

Arlindo S.

Angela M.

Rosalba G.

Kelli R.

Dustin C.

Shanitika (Tika) W.

Mary W.

Jamie P.

Shiella Y.

Tony N.

Cathy L.

Leonela L.

Terry N.

David M.

Ross V.

Francisco P.

Mark G.

Alison F.

Suzann P.

Rebecca D.

Ashley S.

Jade M.

Marcie C.

Andrew B.

Joshua E.

Nkasiovu O.