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Meet Your Epic Travel Staffing Senior Recruiter, Camille Morrissey.

What matters to you, matters to Camille Morrissey.

Camille Morrissey has your back

Like the Robin to Batman, Chewbacca to Han Solo, Garth to Wayne, the Louise to your Thelma, I will be your trusty sidekick through the adventures of travel nursing! I’ve been with Epic Travel Staffing for 8 years, and have grown and learned so much about not just nursing, but the amazing people behind the scrubs. I love what I do and my goal is to give as much support, transparency, honesty and compassion. I try to be an advocate for my nurses as they are for their patients. So what matters to you, matters to me! Nurses don’t work a typical 9-5, so neither do I; I do my very best to be available when needed! Although, I have two daughters, one son, and three dogs, I make the nurses I work with as much of a priority; so much so that throughout the years, I have gained many new friends that happen to be nurses! I truly strive to be a recruiter I would want to travel with if I was a nurse, and have their back!

[email protected]call/text: 310-484-2015

What others are saying

From Google Reviews

I was introduced to Camille Morrissey in 2017 by a colleague and although the timing never seemed right for me to travel we always kept in touch. In 2019, I made a drastic decision to quit my job, and once the dust settled my first call was to Camille. She stopped at nothing to get me an assignment. She goes over and beyond the call of duty and treats her nurses like family! I would highly recommend Camille Morrissey as a recruiter to any nurse looking to travel with Epic Travel Staffing.

Diomonique N. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I have worked three contracts through Epic Travel Staffing with Camille Morrissey as my recruiter and she has been so incredibly supportive! She always responds with helpful information, she is professional, and she goes above and beyond to make sure that I find good assignments and that all details are taken care of. It has been a great experience.

Alana M. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I’ve been with Epic Travel Staffing off and on for over 6 years. They’re always responsive and willing to work with your needs. If I’m completely honest, the primary reason I keep going back is my recruiter Camille. She has learned what’s important to me over the years and I feel like she always strives to make sure I’m happy and have what matters to me the most. Thank you Camille for everything!

Summer M. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Camille is a great recruiter. She is responsive, helpful, and knows what I desire in contracts. She always makes it work! Love having Epic Travel Staffing as my agency.

Maggie D. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

My experience for 4 years at Epic Travel Staffing has been nothing short of fantastic! My recruiter, Camille, has been a resource and advocate for me and made my transition to travel nursing such a breeze. She’s so wonderful that we’ve even become friends and share photos of our own children with each other! Such quick responsiveness and true compassion for her nurses!

Epic Travel Staffing as a company is the absolute best when you want to travel in California. They truly have the best offers, the best benefits, and go above and beyond for you. They knew my father was ill and was able to request intermittent days so I could fly home and be with my father in his last months. They also are very transparent about their packages and do not have hidden deductions like other companies.

My experience with Epic Travel Staffing has been such a blessing that after 2 years of permanent staffing, I’ve returned to traveling with them again. No other company even compares!

Iren S. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

Ive been traveling now 4 years and I’ve used Epic Travel Staffing off and on. Recruiters make the company and Camille M. is top notch. She is amazing and the reason I use Epic Travel Staffing. She is always available by text and she’ll reach back out to you. She gets answers when needed and always on your side. Other recruiters basically blow you off and she doesn’t. She works hard for me. Thank you for all you do for me. You make traveling easy.

Gina B. – Travel Nurse

From Google Reviews

I’ve had Camille as my recruiter since 2018 and she has been the absolute best. She and the agency are top notch. Their website and communications are super easy to use and follow. They have competitive rates, and tell you if an offer is a good one or not and call out the bad ones and negotiate better ones. They care about their nurses and staff! Besides being taken care of professionally, they feel like real employers that actually care about their employees. They are prompt and they have helped me in situations where I was across the country and needed to get things done for my assignment ASAP, without being bothered, super quick! I love them and will always recommend them to any nurses! Ask for Camille!

Maximillian V. – Travel Nurse

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