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What can Social Media Do for Travel Therapists?

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Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn has grown in popularity over the last several years. In fact, in today’s society, they’re about as ubiquitous as cell phones. Practically everyone in the world is connected to one form of social media or another. But aside from sharing photos of cats, what use do social networks offer a travel therapist?

Social Media Helps Build Relationships

Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and family. Since travel therapists are constantly moving from one location to next, keeping a Facebook or Flickr account help them communicate with everyone back home. You can post pictures of your adventures and of the sights you’ve seen while also be in the loop on news about the people you care for.

Similarly, social networks are the fastest, easiest ways for patients to contact you in case they want to get in touch. Sure, they can always reach out to you on the cellphone but for casual, stress-free interactions, social media works better.

Social Media Keeps You Up-to-Date on Industry News

Gone are the days when people have to rely on television and newspapers to get the latest news. Nowadays, travel therapists can gain insight on the healthcare industry trends and breakthroughs simply by having a social media account. Peers and companies that you subscribe to on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other similar sites help share news of interest through your newsfeed so that all you have to do is login to your account and you will be inundated with information and updates.

Social Media Helps Travel Therapists De-stress

When it comes to de-stressing after a long day at work, more and  more people turn to their social media. From Youtube to Pinterest, social sites are a great way to unwind. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also serve as an escape when travel therapists just want to forget about their job worries.

Social Media Opens Travel Therapists to New Opportunities

LinkedIn is a great networking site that allows you to connect with potential employers in the allied healthcare industry. Having a profile on LinkedIn that serves as an online dossier of your work experience and qualifications and can make finding opportunities easier.