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[GUEST BLOG] Here is Why You Should Consider a Travel Nurse Career

travel nurse careerThe many benefits of being a travel nurse

Travel nursing is a high demand profession that emerged as a career because of a shortage of nurses. Traveling nurses, as the name suggests, are health care professionals who are hired to work in a specific location for a specified period before traveling to the next assignment. By 2026, growth in the healthcare industry by is expected to create around 4 million jobs, with 15 percent of this growth affecting nurse employment.

Travel nursing is a profession that has many benefits – here is a list of some reasons why you should opt travel nursing as a career.

Reasons to choose a travel nurse career

  1. It is a stable career.
    The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that there will be a shortage of one million nurses by 2020. As a result, opportunities for travel nursing will open up to help facilities meet their patient needs. Even though travel nursing jobs are on a temporary basis, the impending shortage of nurses means that travel nurses will have a lot of work opportunities.Travel nurses also tend to receive elevated pay as compared to the staff nurses in the same area. Travel nurses can also opt for healthcare benefits and travel reimbursements, as well as travel nurse housing or a housing allowance.
  2. It allows you to explore places.
    Travel nursing can have many significant career benefits as it enables nurses to work in diverse work environments and interact with healthcare professionals worldwide. It gives a lot of exposure which in turn, enhances your resume and can take your career to new heights.Hopping from one assignment to the next may not be easy for some people, but those with adventurous spirits enjoy the freedom of being a travel nurse. This career provides an opportunity to meet interesting locals, step out of your comfort zone and learn new things.Meeting new people is another perk of travel nursing. As you travel from one place to another, you get to connect with new people from all different walks of life. It broadens your perspective and helps you build networks – acquaintances or co-workers can sometimes convert into future job opportunities or housing tips.
  3. It gives you work flexibility.
    Many full-time nurses who leave their employment and choose to become travel nurses worry about not having a stable income. However, travel nurses can enjoy the flexibility of choosing their location and facility while maintaining steady income. Where one need ends, another need begins somewhere else in the U.S.Time off can be scheduled between assignments, or written into assignment contracts so you never miss out on an important event back home.
  4. It adds good experience to the resume.
    Travel nurses get to work with for-profit, nonprofit, trauma centers, and community hospitals. They can also work for patients with a variety of needs pertaining to their specialty.Travel nursing allows you to hone your nursing skills along with developing a variety of other skills as well. Travel nurses adapt; they learn think critically and to communicate effectively because of their encounter with an assortment of different people and situations. They also develop life skills needed to pick up and move to new locations.
  5. It doesn’t have workplace politics.
    All workplaces have office politics and nursing is no exception. The tension between colleagues can create high-stress job environments. Travel nurses typically work on a contract that ranges between three to six months, so it is easier to avoid the politics.
  6. It gives you purpose.
    Travel nurses also help patients and families by being there for them in their time of need. It’s as simple as that!

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