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As our travelers continue to prioritize their own personal safety below that of helping to care for their patients, Epic Travel Staffing is here to support them. We are dedicated to ensuring their safety, health and well-being, and we are committed to updating our clinicians with the most up to date and accurate information and resources. We thank all of our healthcare heroes on the frontlines, your bravery and sacrifice are incredibly valued, and Epic Travel Staffing is here for you every step of the way.

A message from our President, Jake Dixon:

Vaccine Resources:

  • Click here for information on how to get vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Visit for help on finding the latest information on COVID-19 vaccine availability at certain providers and pharmacies.
  • Click here for current CA Vaccine Mandate Information.

Epic Travel Staffing Supports our Travelers on the Frontlines:

PPE Reimbursements: Epic Travel Staffing is committed to keeping our travelers safe and supported at all times on assignment. Travelers are eligible for $50 worth of PPE reimbursements if they feel they need more during their assignment.

Vaccine Support & Reimbursements: The Epic Travel Staffing team is dedicated to providing our travelers with the most up to date and accurate vaccination accessibility information. Depending on a traveler’s location or facility, we’ll provide you with available vaccine access information, hospital protocols and reimbursement for a vaccine expense.  

High Paying COVID -19 Assignments: With the increase in COVID-19 needs, our job opportunities present record high pay packages at top-notch facilities nationwide. We’ll fight for the best paying rate for our travelers on the frontlines. Search our COVID-19 Jobs

License Requirements & Guidance: Epic Travel Staffing’s dedicated Licensing Team provides our travelers with all of the licensing requirements and regulations for COVID-19 in all 50 states. Reference our State Emergency License List.

Support & Accessibility: Our number one goal is to ensure the health of every employee that is out in the field during this time. We will help you navigate through any health or facility concerns you may have and get you through to the other side. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your recruiter or [email protected] with any questions.

If you believe you have been exposed and/or have symptoms of COVID-19 during your Assignment, please follow the following process:

  • Alert the person you report to at the facility and ask what their current COVID protocol is.
  • If you have any documents related to work exposure, test results or Doctor’s note, please retain this and submit upon request.
  • If you are experiencing COVID like symptoms – Please ask the facility if they can test you. If the facility is unable to test you, please locate the nearest County Health department or state-run test center and get a COVID-19 test.
  • An Epic Travel Staffing HR Team member will contact you to discuss your symptoms / exposure.
  • Follow all directives given to you by your facility and Epic Travel Staffing.
  • If you are asked to get medically cleared prior to returning to work, your best option will usually be the Employee Health Department at the facility you are working at. If they are unable to help you, you can visit your primary care physician or reach out to Epic Travel Staffing to be set up for a clinic visit.
  • If you are advised to Quarantine, Epic Travel Staffing pays a maximum of 2 weeks quarantine pay for contracted hours subject to approval. Please submit timecard indicating Quarantine/COVID for your missed shift/s.


How to get tested for current COVID-19 infection:

Contact your healthcare provider or visit your state, tribal, local, and territorial health department’s website to find the latest local information on testing. The type of viral COVID-19 tests offered may differ by location.

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