7 Accessories That Every Travel Nurse Should Invest In

7 Accessories That Every Travel Nurse Should Invest InWhether you are a nursing student in a clinical rotation or an OR travel nurse, you know how important a well-stocked kit is. The right combination of tools and accessories can often make a long nursing shift go a little more smoothly. Here are eight tools and accessories you should have.

  1. Penlights
    Need to conduct a neurological examination? You’ll need a penlight. When looking for the right one, ensure that it is has the right amount of brightness, small and low-cost. LED keychain lights that are commonly found at discount stores are likely powerful enough, and can be easily replaced when lost.
  2. Stethoscopes
    A good stethoscope will be comfortable, lightweight, durable, and technologically advanced enough to produce accurate sound. There is no reason to limit yourself when it comes to choosing a stethoscope. You are likely going to be spending a lot of time using it, so why not pick a high-quality stethoscope that also allows you to express yourself?
  3. Compression Socks
    Being on your feet for 12 hours a day will eventually take its toll (if it hasn’t already!). Wearing compression socks daily can reduce the possibility of vascular damage and the appearance of varicose veins and relieve the daily leg, foot, and ankle pain that come from prolonged standing and walking.
  4. Tote Bags
    Any travel nurse will tell you that a good-quality tote bag that has a sensible arrangement of pockets, straps, and clasps is a necessity. Every second counts in this profession, and there are few things worse than jumping into action only to find you are unable to access the tools you need to do your job.
  5. Scrubs
    Get styling with a broad range of fabric and fabulous fashion-forward designs! Finding a pair of scrubs that suits your workplace and style can make you comfortable throughout your shift. Polyester and spandex are an excellent choice for those looking for a fabric that stretches and can be resilient.
  6. Bandage Scissors
    Don’t get caught without a pair of scissors. Look for a comfortable, durable pair of bandage scissors that can easily cut through various types of tape, gauze, or dressings. Grips with soft silicone lining for added comfort are available, as well as antimicrobial plastics and a variety of textures.
  7. Hand Creams or Lotions
    Don’t forget to stuff in a few travel-size bottles of these moisturizing products! Washing your hands multiple times a day can quickly lead to dry hands. Hand creams offer higher oil content than hand lotions, which contain more water. Look for fragrance-free and workplace-friendly lotions containing shea butter, dimethicone, mineral oil, and glycerin for dry skin.

Being prepared with the right tools as a travel nurse will help you to raise the level of care you can provide for your patients. Let our travel nursing recruiters help you decide what to take on for your assignment.

About the Author: Adela Ellis is a full-time nurse and part-time ambassador for Infinity Scrubs. Adela attended the University of Arizona and has been a travel nurse for the last 6 years. She enjoys working with different doctors, nurses, and patients from all over the country and blogging about her experiences. In her free time, she loves true-crime podcasts and cooking for friends and family to enjoy.