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Welcome to the Epic Travel Staffing family! We were informed by your colleague that you’d make an excellent travel healthcare professional.

If you know anyone else who’d be a great addition to our ranks, let us know by filling up the form below. A Referral Bonus of up to $1000 will be given for each successful referral.

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Whether you’re looking for a travel buddy — or bonus bucks — the Epic Travel Staffing referral program rewards you for connecting us with great people. Tell us whom you’d like to refer, and we’ll let you know when to expect your bonus.

    How to get that referral bonus.

    We’re so grateful that you’re referring a friend to Epic Travel Staffing! We’ll take great care of them. An Epic Travel Staffing recruiter will be in touch with that friend ASAP to see if we’re a great fit. If it all works out, you’ll get your bonus. If you have any questions, contact your recruiter.

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