Mother’s Day: Celebrating the Moms Inspiring our Nurses

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, Cirrus Medical Staffing gave nurses the opportunity to nominate a mom in their life to win a bouquet of flowers on their special day. Here are the five winners, along with the heartwarming stories they shared about why their nomination deserves to be recognized on Mother’s Day. While motherhood comes in all shapes and forms, all of these stories have one thing in common: self-sacrificial love. Nurses inspire multitudes of people every day, and these are the moms inspiring our nurses.

Keion’s nomination

Demetria is an excellent mother who sacrificed her career so that she could travel with me. She put us being a family over her own career and I will forever thank her for that. She is a great mother to our daughter and an excellent wife. She still finds the time to work and be the rock of our family as I settle down in my traveling career. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know I couldn’t do it without her and my daughter. There is nobody else I would rather have be the mother of my child.



Timothy’s nomination

My mother, Kathleen, is the kindest, most caring and loving person I’ve ever met in my life. She’s a wonderful mother.





Wendy’s nomination

Alexandra, who has worked with disabled children since she was 15-years-old, was told she could not have children of her own. She accepted this and was moving on with her life.  Ten months ago Alexandra found out she was pregnant. She had a very difficult pregnancy, but managed to hold out until 37 weeks to deliver. Her baby is a beautiful boy named Wyatt. Since Wyatt was born, he has been hospitalized for five days, and she just found out that he needs surgery. She has had an outstanding attitude about everything that she and her little baby have been through. Alexandra walks the walk, and talks the talk of what it means to be a mother.


Amanda’s nomination

I’m so grateful to have Gaelle as my mother-in-law. She has been in breast cancer remission for over five years now. The medication that she takes makes her bones weak, and most of the time her bones hurt and she feels tired. And yet she’s always the first one to get up in the morning and the last to go to bed. She wakes up every day at 6 a.m. to get breakfast ready for her family, and will have dinner ready when they come home.  When I was unexpectedly supposed to start work, the next day she made sure I had a bed made and food to eat before I started work early. She’s always reluctant to take time off for herself because she knows she has to be there for her family. There hasn’t been one day she’s hasn’t put her family first, and this is why she deserves to be recognized on this day!


Robin’s nomination

My mother is the strongest lady I know. She raised five children (four boys and myself, one girl), while she worked full time. She stood by those who were in trouble at times and helped them get back on the right track. She never lost her love for her children. Then, her middle son died and a few months after that her husband had open heart surgery. She took all and stood strong. She has suffered cancer twice: first breast cancer and then colon cancer, and she never faltered. She went to treatments and then off to work and home to take care of her family. Even now at the age of 78, she took care of her husband who suffered with cancer that took his life. We kept him home until he passed and she never left his side or gave up hope. It has only been a few months, she has turned her strength to her family and still helps them all. She does things like keep the great grandchildren, and takes dinner to her grandson when he is working. She is my hero and I only hope I can be as strong as she is as I grow older.