How You Can Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

New Year's resolutions

When people put pen to paper for their New Year’s resolutions, just about everyone adds “travel more” to the list, but not everyone has the opportunity to really do it. If you’re a healthcare professional in nursing, rehab therapy, respiratory therapy or medical imaging, traveling isn’t just a far-off pipe dream – it’s a distinct possibility. New Year’s resolutions are a medical traveler’s playground, waiting for you to jump in.

Here are just a few ways how you can make 2017 your best year yet as a travel nurse, travel therapist, or other medical traveling modality.

Set Yourself Up for Success this New Year!

Write it down

Take your resolutions from ideas to accomplishment by making concrete plans to accomplish them. Do you have measurable, actionable check-in points so you can monitor your success? If you write down your resolutions (it’s not as cliché as it sounds), you are taking the first step in holding yourself accountable, and you can reference them throughout the year.

Ask another human for help

Another way to set yourself up for success is to get a friend involved – solicit them for encouragement along the way, and ask for help to stay on track. Maybe your resolution is to improve certain clinical skills: write them down, figure out how to benchmark success along the way, and get another human involved to help keep you on track (P.S. – recruiters make great cheerleaders). Before you know it, you could be working and succeeding in those skills at world-class, prestigious facilities all over the country.

Define your “bigger picture”

What are some of the major goals you want to accomplish in your life? Yes, your life. This time of year, we all tend to orient our resolutions around a single year – however, think through some of the ways you can make this year about accomplishing some of the smaller tasks to help you along toward your bigger LIFE goals. For example, if your life goal is to have a travel assignment in every state, plan which four states you want to conquer this year on your path to all 50. Map out a plan with your recruiter so they can stay on the lookout for jobs in your target states, and ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity.

Get to the bottom of what might be limiting you

Everyone has a different style when it comes to ramping up their productivity, but first, you need to label which areas in your life could use a little more efficiency. For example, maybe you’d like to make healthier food choices by eating in vs. getting fast food. You’re more likely to succeed long-term if you try to figure out what’s been stopping you from making these food choices in the past. It could be lack of time, exhaustion after a shift (you’ve been working hard!), no groceries in stock or you’re just not sure what to make with the cooking materials at your disposal. Once you get to the bottom of it, you can come up with ways to prepare ahead of time – before the exhaustion hits, or the pantry is empty, or you realize you don’t have a whisk.

If you’re a traveling medical professional, it’s a given that you’re a go-getter who knows how to get things done. We think 2017 will be your best year yet!

Interested in accomplishing your resolutions to travel more or get the assignment you’ve always wanted? Talk with a recruiter – 800.299.8132 or [email protected].