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The fast lane to getting licensed for your next Epic Travel Staffing Assignment! Our experienced team streamlines and expedites the process.

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Ready for your next travel nursing job in another state, but need a RN License there to qualify? Want to work with an agency that makes the process fast and easy? Epic Travel Staffing Express is your ticket to getting certified so you can hit the road! Speed is the name of the game in the travel nursing industry, and Epic Travel Staffing Express gets you assignment-ready so you don’t miss out on a job opportunity.

Travel Nurse State License FAQs

Epic Travel Staffing Express is your one-stop service for everything you need to get your license fast and easy. For applicable states, The Epic Travel Staffing Express Team does all the legwork to help you attain licensure. We make sure your nurse license applications are complete, accurate and include all necessary information for state boards to review. We take the stress out of finding the required documentation and tracking down the laundry list of items that need to be submitted.

Wherever in the US you want to travel to, Epic Travel Staffing Express will help you get there! We assist with travel nurse licenses in all 50 states. 

For California and Washington, (the infamously tricky states) our License Team works closely with the Board of Nursing (BON) to speed up the licensing application processes. We even mail you a finger printing package and nearby service locations! Our team compiles all of your information, photo, fingerprints, transcripts and paperwork in a neat, organized package for easy and quick state board processing.

For States that do not allow a third-party to submit a certification on behalf of a Nurse, we will provide you with all of the necessary steps and information you need to complete your application. The Epic Travel Staffing Express Team is a resource for RNs on all things licensing, and will support you with any questions or concerns!

We can also help you with compact licenses. We take care of all the little details for you so your time off shift is spent doing what you love 

Once you have successfully started an assignment with Epic Travel Staffing, we reimburse you for all applicable license fees. Yes, even in those more expensive license states (looking at you-California!). Travel with Epic Travel Staffing and we’ll have you covered!

We do the work for you! State certifications take time and money from you, and we want you to focus on what you do best: helping others as a travel nurse. Plus, we have established relationships with applicable state boards to process your application faster. If any issues arise, the Epic Travel Staffing Express Team will assist you in resolving. You’ll receive your license in record time so you can pack your bags for your next travel assignment with Epic Travel Staffing.

Get started today by connecting with an Epic Travel Staffing recruiter! They’ll help guide you through job opportunities and which licenses you’ll need to apply. From there, our amazing Epic Travel Staffing Express Team will work with you directly on the necessary steps and information needed for your certification.

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2023 Nursing Licensure Compact Map

nursing compact state map

What our travelers say about Epic Travel Staffing Express…

Karina Z.
Travel Nurse

Epic Travel Staffing’s California licensing program was very straight forward and convenient. Considering how much the California Nursing Board requires, Epic Travel Staffing made it super easy to organize everything and get through the process smoothly!

Eden R.
Travel Nurse

Obtaining my CA license wouldn’t have been easy without the help of my Epic Travel Staffing Team. The process took about 3 months and lots of paperwork but the team who is on my case made it all easy for me. They were prompt and responsive to anything that I had questions about. Thank you, Epic Travel Staffing Health!

Jaimie S.
Travel Nurse

I loved going through Epic Travel Staffing to get my CA license. I tried on my own and it was way too complicated. The California Licensing Program was seamless, quick and very convenient.