5 Essentials For Your Next Travel Healthcare Assignment

Travel allied health clinicians and travel nurses are pros at leaving their current area and setting up in a new place. But even the most seasoned traveler might forget to pack essential items from time to time. To help keep you from the panic of leaving something behind, here are things you’ll need to keep your life organized during your next travel nursing or allied health assignment.

1. Ensure you have necessary documents.

Before you leave for each new assignment, set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to check your bag for critical documents and items like your driver’s license, car insurance, debit and credit cards. Keep digital copies on your phone, and program in the phone numbers for your travel nursing agency, new workplace, and lodging.

2. Pack necessary clothing.

If you want to explore the city without worrying about feeling too cold or too hot, make sure you have all essential clothing fit to the location’s weather – layers are the way to go. Find out in advance whether the facility requires you to wear uniforms. Don’t forget to bring a formal outfit or two just in case.

3. Don’t forget a first-aid kit.

Although you might be working in a hospital, it is also important to have a first-aid kit and prescription medications when not at work. The first-aid kit should contain band-aids, antiseptic, thermometer, and scissors among others items. Carry the prescription medications that you take along with over-the-counter staples.

4. Get all your travel-friendly electronics.

Make sure you have your smartphone, laptop, and tablet with their respective chargers. Then, load up your electronics with apps to make your trip cheaper and easier like Spotify, Waze, Circa, Accuweather and Whatsapp.

5. Make sure you have toiletries and household items ready.

Carry travel size hand soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and toothpaste where you can access it easily, especially if your destination is a few days away. You can buy full-size toiletries when you reach your destination. Don’t forget your perfume, cosmetics, and a roll of toilet paper just in case. Carry household items that you know you will always use like bedsheets, a blanket and towels. Cleaning supplies should be compact so they don’t take up too much room in your car – you can buy some things when you get to your destination, and toss them or leave them behind when you leave. To make yourself feel at home, bring a few family and friend photos along with you!