Meet Your Epic Travel Staffing Senior Recruiter, Lauren Vause.

Lauren Vause doesn’t overlook the details, giving you a stress-free assignment.

Lauren Vause partners with you through every step.

Being your partner through every step of the process and making sure the smallest detail is not overlooked is what my travel nurses have come to expect as they place their trust in me. It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly, yet we also seem to find time for a few laughs through the process of finding that “just right” location for you. I must be doing something right since my nurses have selected me as one of the Recruiters of the Year three times by Healthcare Traveler magazine. Find out why by allowing me to help you find your next placement.

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From Google Reviews

This is my first assignment with Epic Travel Staffing Health and its been a great experience. I love my recruiter Lauren V. She very helpful.

Jody K. – Travel Nurse

She follows through with all commitments she makes to me in a timely manner. She’s kind, respectful, driven and always eager to find and land the jobs I’m seeking out. She always makes herself available when I need her most, even when she doesn’t have to – including after hours and weekends. For that, I’m very grateful.

Anna W. – Travel Nurse

Lauren is a great recruiter who continuously went the extra mile while I was a traveler with her. I have worked with several recruiters at different companies and she is by far the best.

Bradley G. – Travel Nurse

With everything she deals with on a daily basis, she’s always made it a priority to put us “worker-bees” first. No complaints here.

Chad D. – Travel Nurse

She just got me the best contract with great pay – exactly where I want to go – and that makes me happy.

Cathy L. – Travel Nurse

Lauren has been a great help in finding my assignments. She is willing to use email to communicate, which is nice since I’m always working night shift. She is available any time I need her.

Aimee D. – Travel Nurse

Other travel nurses love to tell you to search for your agency and recruiter- interview them, talk to a few at a time, find out who will work the best for you. I’ll make it really easy for you- choose Lauren Vause. I did exactly as I was told and found myself in a mess of people calling me 24/7 with jobs that they wanted me to take. With Lauren, I felt super comfortable right away. Before I even decided to work with her, I asked her about how another recruiter was treating me and if that was “normal” in the world of travel nursing (since this was my first go around). She was very honest and told me that recruiter was taking advantage of me. She then took the time to explain to me how the process works- again, at this point I had not even agreed to work for her company! She is a busy lady and still took the time to answer my questions honestly- for me, that made all of the difference. Also, she will not bother you with calls/emails! I know that is a big deal for a lot of people. Lauren is extremely professional and super easy to talk to. She checks in on you to make sure you’re doing OK throughout your assignment. Any question is answered very quickly- and if she does not know the answer she will find it out for you. I only did one assignment and currently have to settle down with a full time job. Lauren was understanding and did not once push me to just do another contract. I wish I could work for this company and with Lauren forever. I will always drop her name to any RN I come across that expresses interest in the world of travel nursing. I feel like I have gained a friend in Lauren and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Mercedes A. – Travel Nurse

Tell Lauren Vause about yourself and start packing.