Award winning

Epic Travel Staffing is on a Roll!

Epic Travel Staffing, formerly known as Emerald Health Services, has been on a roll lately in receiving recognition from its clinician, client, and employee sides for the positive work environment created by its team, making a significant impact in the staffing industry. 

The company has been recognized with several notable awards, including Glassdoor’s Best Small and Medium Companies to Work for in 2023, Staffing Industry Analysts’ 2023 Best Staffing Firms to Work For, AMN’s 2022 Alliance Award, and the 2022 Pinnacle Award awarded by AMN and Kaiser Permanente. These awards demonstrate Epic Travel Staffing’s success in achieving high satisfaction levels and excellence among its clients, candidates, and employees. These significant accomplishments showcase how companies like Epic Travel Staffing contribute to a better, more supportive work culture for everyone by prioritizing employee well-being. 


Staffing Industry Analysts Best Staffing Firms to Work For in 2023” winners are companies who score in the top quartile for each size category, ranging from small companies with 21 to 50 employees to extra-large companies made up of over 501 employees.

2023 SIA Best Staffing Firms to Work For

These firms have demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain a strong and positive culture where employees can do their best work,” said Barry Asin, president of Staffing Industry Analysts.

All internal employees were asked to complete a survey measuring key engagement categories, including teamwork, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, compensation, and benefits. After a participation minimum was met, each company was ranked based on their overall score in each category, ultimately, how winners were chosen.    The award highlights the internal employee satisfaction at Epic Travel Staffing. 


GlassdoorGlassdoor’s Best Small and Medium Companies to Work For in 2023 award features the top 50 U.S. companies that have outshined in providing a positive culture, satisfactory compensation and benefits, flexibility, and much more, according to its employees and the online reviews they have provided.

Epic Travel Staffing also has a 5-star rating on Google reviews, which strongly indicates high satisfaction and appreciation among the clinicians who have worked with the company. This rating especially indicates the quality and knowledge demonstrated by the company’s recruitment team.


AMN Healthcare’s Alliance award was shared with another supplier, recognizing Epic Travel Staffing as an outstanding partner across all AMN programs. The Alliance Award is AMN’s premier award. It is reflective of first-class customer service and performance. The AMN team surveys the internal team, which includes billing, compliance, program team, and account management, to rate the nominees on various criteria; the nominee with the highest average is the winner. AMN is proud to present Epic Travel Staffing with one of these premier awards for outstanding performance in 2022.

AMN Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente presented the Pinnacle award to Epic Travel Staffing, honoring them as a top supplier for the Kaiser Permanente program through maintaining an increased participation and market share for Interim Executive and nursing positions. This award is presented to companies that achieve the highest level of performance in both volume and quality of placements. 

Three for Three

Epic Travel Staffing has the “trifecta” regarding its client, candidate, and internal employee satisfaction and excellence. The positive work environment at Epic Travel Staffing is a critical factor in these achievements, as it leads to high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement. Happy employees provide excellent service, resulting in high client and candidate satisfaction levels.