best travel nursing companies 2021

Epic Travel Staffing Named in Best Travel Nursing Companies 2021 List

Epic Travel Staffing was recognized this year on BluePipes’ Best Travel Nursing Companies 2021 list. This is no arbitrary honor, as BluePipes’ list is based on legitimate reviews left by travel nurses and allied clinicians across multiple online review sites for Emerald. BluePipes is a professional networking platform for healthcare travelers, and their unbiased method to rank travel nursing companies has been an industry standard (and a traveler favorite) since 2017.

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Of the 300+ travel nursing agencies that were evaluated across multiple review services, Emerald ranked #12 on BluePipes’ list of top 20 Best Travel Nursing Companies 2021. More than 68,000 reviews were aggregated to give each company a score using a formula that takes into consideration the company’s star rating variance year over year, and volume of new reviews in the previous 12 months.

Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Facebook, Indeed, Glassdoor and Google are the online reviews sites that BluePipes references to calculate each company’s score, and ultimately their ranking on the best travel nursing companies list.

Read what BluePipes had to say about Emerald in their article sharing the results of Best Travel Nursing Companies 2021:


Epic Travel Staffing comes in at number 12 on our list of the best travel nursing agencies for 2021. Their aggregate average score came in at 90.48, an increase of over 5 points from last year. Their scores increased from last year on Glassdoor and Google.

Emerald was one of the founding members of NATHO, an organization that seeks to set service standards in the travel healthcare industry. That commitment to service shines in Emerald’s reviews where travelers gush about their recruiters’ responsiveness, thoroughness and friendliness.


Emerald is thrilled to be on this list of Best Travel Nursing Companies 2021 as a result of our own travelers’ kind words! Our commitment to a high quality traveler experience translates to our client facilities, where they are staffed with high quality healthcare professionals, and ultimately benefit patient care and outcomes.