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You’re in good company!

We staff the best allied health clinicians at the best facilities.

Epic Travel Staffing has the in-depth healthcare staffing experience necessary to assist you with all stages of your recruitment and placement. What sets our open jobs apart? It definitely helps that we are the go-to staffing provider of leading healthcare facilities across the country, giving you access to exclusive open allied healthcare travel jobs.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities who work with Epic Travel Staffing know that we’ll only partner the most professional and skilled medical staff with them. What does that mean to you? You’ll walk into every new assignment in good company, confident not only because of your own clinical skills, but because our company’s stellar reputation makes you shine before you even see your first patient.

Whether you're a physical therapist looking for travel PT jobs, a travel respiratory therapist seeking your next placement, or any other allied discipline we staff, we make the whole process the way it’s supposed to be: enjoyable and rewarding!