Epic Travel Staffing Recognized with ‘Key Contributor’ Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Epic Travel Staffing was recognized with the “Key Contributor” award at the 2023 Aya Partner Network Symposium in Nashville, TN.

In an industry as vital as healthcare, being a key player means we’re making a real difference in patient care and hospital operations. It’s not merely about filling roles, but about comprehensively understanding needs and delivering tailored solutions. This award speaks volumes about the trust our clients place in Epic Travel Staffing and the genuine impact we have every day.

“Being recognized with the ‘Key Contributor‘ award is a meaningful acknowledgment of the collective effort and ethos of Epic Staffing Group,” said Melissa Nicholson, Chief Client Officer of Epic Travel Staffing and Epic International Staffing. “Our focus has always been on building genuine relationships and grasping the intrinsic needs of our clients in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare staffing.”

Being presented with an award that celebrates the embodiment of teamwork is a significant recognition of our operational principles at Epic Travel Staffing. Our team has always prioritized open communication and close engagement to serve the unique needs of our clients effectively, and we work diligently to ensure that hospitals and health systems secure the travel clinicians most aligned with their needs.

This award is more than a symbol; it’s a validation of our steadfast dedication to our clients and our relentless pursuit of excellence. As we continue to lead in the healthcare staffing community, we set the bar high, always pushing our boundaries and delivering with unmatched integrity.