3 reasons why travel physical therapy is the future

travel physical therapy jobs

Travel physical therapy has become a profession unto its own in recent years as more students begin PT school with the goal of becoming a travel PT upon graduation. The population’s demand for physical therapists continues to grow as an aging population + doctors becoming increasingly likely to put off surgery in lieu of physical therapy = bigtime physical therapist needs. Specifically, travel physical therapy jobs are keeping healthcare facilities of all kinds fully staffed. Whether you’re a travel PT working in an inpatient, outpatient, SNF or home health setting, it’s your time to shine. Here’s why:


Travel physical therapy jobs are comin’ in hot

Winter usually shows a slump in travel physical therapy jobs, but the job count is expected to pick up as the frost melts (unless you’re interested in Southern California, where our travel PT jobs have sunshine all year). Based on Emerald’s travel physical therapist job openings in 2019, job openings will continue to climb as the year goes on, but will dwindle slightly during the holiday season. Even with plentiful jobs available, you’ll need to get going on the licensing and application requirements for your target location. While on the job search with your travel PT recruiter, try to keep an open mind while making your priorities known. Being flexible doesn’t mean you’re not empowered!


Completing a travel physical therapy application isn’t as tough as it used to be

Completing all required applications and documentation for your travel physical therapy agency used to be a headache, but thanks to technology and innovative PT staffing agencies, this process is smoother than ever. Filling out a full application with a travel PT agency takes about 1-3 hours on average, which is less time than it’ll take you to watch the latest Star Wars movie.

Once all applications are completed and documentation received, your travel physical therapy recruiter can begin to submit your resume to healthcare facilities for travel PT jobs. Depending on the urgency of the needs at the facilities where you apply, you’ll be placed within days or up to a few weeks. If you want to speed up the process, give as much thought and detail to your application as possible when you initially complete it. 

What does this mean? If you’re hoping to start traveling by summer, you need to start the application process now.


The PT Compact continues to expand

Travel nurses aren’t the only clinicians who benefit from a multistate license when qualified. The ever-expanding PT Compact is making it possible for physical therapists to practice across the U.S., which is the name of the game if you’re seeking travel physical therapy assignments. This PT Compact map remains updated to show states currently participating in the PT Compact – check to see if your state is participating, if it has legislation introduced, or is simply awaiting enaction!


Travel physical therapy with Epic Travel Staffing

With a hot job market for travel physical therapists, an easier-than-ever job application, and a little help from the PT Compact, you can go from being a PT to a travel PT like you’ve always dreamed. Emerald is the agency you can find the right assignment with (and have fun with, too). Call us today at 800-917-5055 to experience travel the way it’s meant to be.