Social Media and the Travel Therapists Who Use Them

It’s almost a cliché to say that social media has changed the way people interact with one another but this bears repeating to emphasize the importance that social media has over our lives, especially in the way people now do business, travel therapists included. (more…)

Travel Nursing: Why Do It? Here’s Why.

Thousands of nurses are choosing to take advantage of travel nursing opportunities to not only visit new places but also to gain diverse training experience in different practice environments while enjoying an excellent pay and great benefits. If you’re not already sold on what travel nursing can do for your career ...
travel therapy

Travel Therapy: Know the Pros and Cons

Fresh out of therapy school and you’re now ready to take on the world and start your career in travel therapy. Or are you? Stepping out of the protective walls of school and into the “real world” can be both exciting and terrifying. All the sudden every negative thing you’ve ...
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