therapy school

Graduating from Therapy School? Now What?

Graduating from therapy school is the culmination of all the energy, hard work, and time you invested in yourself and in your dream. Now, it’s time to move to the next phase and… and… do what exactly? You might find yourself in the unenviable position of asking that dreary question, “Now ...
travel nursing

How to Cope with Travel Nursing over the Holidays

Christmas is just around the corner. As such, millions of professionals will take a holiday break from work to spend time with their families. Unfortunately, the holidays can be difficult for travel nurses because not only will many of them have to work on Christmas or New Year’s but they ...
travel therapy

Preparing for a Travel Therapy Job Interview

Preparing for travel therapy job interviews is serious business. You can, if you so choose to, conduct the phone interview totally unprepared, bringing only your charming personality and hoping for the best. But, nine times out of ten, you won’t get the job. Which is not to say that a charming ...
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